The Company realizes the importance of implementing good corporate governance based on the agreed Code of Ethics as behavioral guide for all employees from various levels of organization. Therefore, the Company on September 2nd, 2020 has issued a Code of Ethics that not only applies as part of its Capital Market regulatory compliance with but also as a behavioral guideline in doing daily routines, both in the implementation of duties and responsibilities as well as in decision making, so that all actions are in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations. This Code of Ethics applies to employees, Directors, Board of Commissioners, committees of the Company and parties cooperating with the Company.

In general, the Basic Principles of the Company’s Code of Ethics govern the Ethical Behaviors and Responsibility of the Company in relation to business activities, in dealing with employees, with suppliers, customers, shareholders, the public, creditors, business competitors, and relevant authorities.

The Company’s Code of Ethics is further described below:

  1. Code of Business Ethics
    This code is implemented in order to ensure the continuity of business and success of the Company engaging in investment business, which consists of the responsibilities to:
    • Conduct business in an ethical manner and comply with applicable laws and regulations;
    • Fully committed to the ethical standards and implementation of applicable laws and regulations;
    • Conduct intelligent evaluation and innovation so that it can follow the latest development.
  2. Code of Ethics to Employees
    Since employees are important assets of the Company in order to achieve their business objectives, the Company is responsible for:
    • Provide equal opportunities in terms of remuneration, promotion, and appreciation to employees in accordance with consideration to the individual performance, competence and loyalty and provide strict sanctions against all forms of violations committed by employees whose policies are regulated by the Management of the Company;
    • Carrying out employment processes and decisions concerning the recruitment, development and promotion of employees based on skills and achievements regardless of ethnicity, religion, race, nationality, gender or other discriminatory matters;
    • Creating a safe, healthy, conducive, and work environment that is free from any pressure and intimidation.
    • Giving freedom of expression to employees to state their opinions and aspirations through ethical procedures. Which are not contrary to the prevailing laws and regulations;
    • The Company supports the self-development of employees to expand their competence and insights through training, seminar, socialization of regulation and others.
  3. Code of Ethics to customers
    Customer is one of the Company’s top priorities in doing its business, and therefore, the Company establishes ethical behavior that should be applied in maintaining relationships with customers, namely:
    • Serving customers politely and professionally, as well as maintaining good communication in order to establish a harmonious long-term business relationship;
    • Conveying accurate information about the Company related to its business activities and services;
    • Paying attention to the needs of customers and continuously monitor, improve services through improved quality of product/service/works.
  4. Code of Ethics to vendor
    Supplier is one of the supporting elements that ensures the Company’s smooth business operation. Therefore, the Company has determined the ethical behavior that must be established with suppliers, namely:
    • Comply with all regulations related to applicable operational standards of procurement of the Company;
    • Prioritizing the selection of suppliers who are able to provide the best value for money for the Company and good after-sales service;
    • Act decisively and zero tolerance to suppliers who conducts fraud or show unethical behavior.
  5. Code of Ethics to Surrounding community
    In establishing a harmonious relationship with the surrounding community, the Company is guided by the following ethical behaviors:
    • Always respect the applying local rules;
    • Maintaining harmonious relations with the local community;
    • Optimizing the Company ’s community assistance programs and socializing them in order to improve the Company ’s reputation and community empowerment;
    • Preventing and avoiding actions that lead to discrimination of society based on ethnicity, religion, race, inter-groups and genders. In the Company’s Code of Ethics, there is also a Code of Conduct which contains standards of behaviors to guide employees in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. This Code of Conduct contains the following responsibilities:
      1. Complying with the prevailing code of ethics and laws and regulations;
      2. Maintaining occupational health and safety;
      3. Protecting the company ’s assets;
      4. Keeping company information confidential;
      5. Avoiding conflicts of interest;
      6. Avoiding the misuse of narcotics, illegal drugs, liquor and gambling.