Code of Conduct is guideline for conducting and doing business. Any violation of the code of conduct and code of business will be penalized in accordance with the existing regulation. The Code of Conduct covers:

  • Protection of Company’s assets.
  • Anti-Corruption Ethics.
  • Fair treatment.
  • Ethical behavior in the workplace includes moral standards and integrity; personal interests; business activities in other place; kinship; discrimination or harassment; security, healthy and safety in the workplace; drug-free workplace; communication, tools and service system; information and investigation.
  • Ethics related to conflict of interest covers gift and entertainment; political activities and contributions; ownership; using Company’s facilities and name.

Until now, the Company do not have the Code of Conduct. References for violation by employees were the Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) signed by employees on the first join. To employees who violated the PKB, the Company may impose sanctions for violations of the rules include;

  • Warning letter, with tiered levels (SP 1, SP 2 and SP 3)
  • Layoff