PT Singleterra Tbk (The Company) was incorporated in Indonesia under the name of PT Singer Industries Indonesia Limited based on Notary Deed No. 52 of Eliza Pondaag S.H., dated July, 21, 1973 with the scope of its activities importation and commercial sewing machines with related products and transferring assets that are not in use Company.

In order to improve The Company’s business, The Company has re-considered continuing its business by diversifying its business into investment and general trading. In the year 2009 The Compny has changed its main business activities from Industry and Trading of Sewing Machine to Consultation Agent on Sales and Trading of Bandwith but until 2016 not resulting.

As a step to maintain business continuity as an Open Company and improve its financial position, in 2017 after the change of capital, the Company changed its main business activities to an investment company with an initial acquisition of 99.5% (ninety nine point five percent ) shares of PT Serasi Tunggal Mandiri Cemerlang (STMC), a company engaged in tourism, precisely in the field of hospitality business with PrimeBiz brand is located at Gayung Kebonsari No.30, Surabaya, East Java.